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procedure For compliants


Complaint policy is part of the quality management within Maasstad Housing. The aim is to achieve the highest possible quality of service to customers. Every complaint report is seen as an opportunity to improve this service. This Complaint procedure is used for this purpose. Clients are informed about this by means of 29th Article in the General Terms and Conditions or the Rental Agreement and the brochure Welcome!.


The following categories of complainant are distinguished within Maasstad Housing.

  • A tenant of a living space.
  • A co-tenant within the meaning of Articles 7: 266 and 7: 267 of the Dutch Civil Code and a person referred to in Article 7: 268 (2) of the Dutch Civil Code.
  • Whoever had a status as listed above with regard to the living space, also mentioned before, up to one year later MWV´s conduct took place.
  • The property owner who a management agreement and / or rental agreement has been reached with.
  • A prospective tenant for a living space; a person who has applied as a candidate for a living space.

Maasstad Housing defines the following as a complaint. A complaint from a complainant, addressed to Maasstad Housing, which shows that the complainant do not agree with an organization act or omission, or people act or omission who perform works on behalf of its organization. Maintenance complaints are also registered as ‘complaints’; as a way to obtain an insight into the inspection quality when delivering the living space. In case a complainant considered that a maintenance complaint was mismanaged, this one would be registered again but as a separate complaint. Complaints about the rental amount are firstly handled internally. If no agreement is reached, the complainant will be referred to the Rent Committee.


Maasstad Housing does not manage the following complaints.

  • A complaint submitted later than one year after the accused Maasstad Housing act or omission of 
  • A complaint anonymously submitted or considered of a discriminatory nature.
  • A complaint where specific actions or omissions why Maasstad Housing is accused for, are not clear enough.
  • A complaint in which the complainant has no interest.
  • A complaint concerning a general administrative decision.
  • A complaint in relation to a compensation whose case is being dealt by an insurance company.


Except from emergencies or (technical) calamities, the complaint can be submitted in writing by e-mail or via the tenants’ portal and will be managed in the following manner.

  • The Quality & Compliance Department receives the complaint and provides it with the complaint form.
  • The Quality & Compliance Department assess the complaint in terms of content.

Maintenance complaints

  • If it concerns a maintenance complaint, it is immediately reported to the Technical Department.
  • The Technical Department will immediately indicate the way and the period the complaint will be resolved and what agreements must be reached with the tenant in this regard.
  • If the complaint has to be assessed in the living space, an appointment will be arranged within 24 hours.
  • In case of a (technical) emergency, action must be immediately taken in the property.
  • The Quality & Compliance Department contacts the tenant within 24 hours and gives a (provisional) solution and makes follow-up agreements if necessary.
  • The Quality & Compliance Department ensures the suitable and correct management.
  • If necessary, two weeks after the complaint has been managed, the tenant will be contacted to know whether everything has been resolved as desired.

Other complaints

  • The Quality & Compliance Department and Managing Director assess the complaint in terms of content.
  • The complainant will receive the response in writing, up to one week after.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied, the Quality & Compliance Department and the Managing Director will address this in a personal conversation.
  • The complainant will receive the response in writing up to one week after.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied, the complaint will be discussed with the Director.
  • If necessary, the complainant will be addressed by the Director and Managing Director in a personal conversation.
  • The complainant will receive the response in writing, up to one week after.

The Quality & Compliance Department processes the managing method on the Complaint Form. The original is included in the file. A copy is archived.


The following is related to the registration and reporting of complaints.

  • The Quality & Compliance Department keeps a register of complaints received.
  • This register states the following.
    1. The complaints received (number, address and the complaint subject)
    2. The number of managed complaints
    3. The treatment time of complaints
    4. The solution (result)
  • Once every quarter, an overview is prepared and discussed with the Management Team.
  • Any improvement actions are included in the processes.

This Complaints Procedure has been established on March 2019

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